Mon , 24 Jun 2024
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Nalanda, a preeminent centre of Buddhist and Indian learning, was renowned for its integration of Buddhist and Indian educational systems
For a grouping that resisted any addition of full members since South Africa in 2010, the new members can significantly influence the nature of summit outcomes
Her story is one of resilience, highlighting the transformative power of grassroots activism amidst persistent institutional biases and discrimination
Gopalganj, known for its significant NOTA votes in the 2019 elections, struggles with development issues despite electing three CMs.
The Congress not having a clear majority may be a reason why the party is not staking claim to form the government.
The bureaucratisation of rights should not stall progress in demands for non-discrimination and recognition of same-sex relationships
India's reliance on pulse imports shows a complex interplay of insufficient domestic production, exacerbated by climatic conditions and agricultural regulations
While the BJP successfully engineered splits in parties, its internal challenges and disconnect with grassroots issues may have left it in a precarious position
In 2023, India’s SC rejected marriage equality, but Nepal’s top court rebuked the state for not registering same-sex marriages. What explains the difference?
The trumpet-like wind instrument has inspired a cult poem, a train, folk performances and even followers of a political party.
India’s SC rejected petitions for marriage equality, but Nepal’s SC rebuked the state for not registering same-sex marriages. What explains this difference?
On the wild streets of San Francisco in the United States, a dramatic human versus autonomous vehicle conflict plays out
Afghanistan is back in ferment. Horrible images of 7/10 attacks and collateral casualties of Israeli retaliation could trigger terror attack anywhere in world.
India and US are finally working together on global issues after burying the ghost of USS Enterprise.

Freedom of Speech through any medium
In the 21st century where we see if someone speaks against something then the voice gets suppressed but in the fundamental of our democracy is where the freedom of speech lies, if you see something getting wro...